Monthly Kirtan for the winter season: December 15, Jan. 5, Feb. 2, and March 8! All at 4pm!

I currently teach at Mangala Yoga in Telluride, CO, and I am teaching my regular schedule this week (12/8 – 12/15), PLUS a bonus classes on Wednesday, December 11 AND a special Kirtan practice on Sunday 12/15, at 4pm!

Wednesday @ Noon, Lava Flow (subbing for Maddie)

Thursday @ 10AM, Lava Flow

Friday @ Noon, Lava Flow

Sunday @ 10AM, Lava Flow

Sunday @ 4pm, Kirtan

I am frequently on the schedule for other classes throughout the week, so please check the online schedule at Mangala for weekly offerings!


Kirtan is devotional call-and-response chanting, or singing, in the language of yoga—Sanskrit. It is an ancient practice meant to bring us closer to our true nature—LOVE—and to uplift our thoughts, words, and actions. Each chant contains a particular mantra, which has its own sacred and healing sound vibration. Kirtan is a beautiful practice, which requires no expertise or spirituality on the part of participants. You don’t have to be a singer, know Sanskrit, practice yoga, or even be able to carry a tune! All that is required is an open heart and a desire to lose yourself in the sound vibrations and to help create a sense of connection and unity. Come, and join in the FUN!

If you are interested in private sessions, please see below, and if you are interested in yoga philosophy or ethics for your YTT, please email me at

************************************************************************A one-on-one private can be set up to explore a range of things, such as:

  • Fundamentals of yoga
  • How to do a specific asana
  • Adjusting to injuries
  • Improvement of practice
  • Meditation
  • Chanting and harmonium basics
  • Questions on yogic philosophy
  • Advice for how to better nourish your body and soul

In the late-Spring, Summer, and early-Fall months, I offer sessions on my deck, which is nestled in and has gorgeous views of the mountains of Telluride. It is the perfect spot for one-on-one work. It’s also possible to schedule sessions somewhere else, depending on the space and location. Finally, I am available to come to your home, if that suits your needs best. Prices range from $95 – $120.

For more information, please email me at