Last Week of Teacher Training!

Hi again, everyone,

I know it has been some time since my last post. And now we’ve arrived at the last week of teacher training. The month has really flown by. I’ve learned so much during my time here and feel so, so much gratitude for all of the wonderful teachers, mentors, and other students here. Although it will be difficult to leave such a beautiful and loving place, I will be happy to come back home, to my family and friends. I miss church quite a lot, and I felt that longing very distinctly this morning. There actually is no church nearby, or even not so nearby, which has been difficult at times. Of course, I feel in a way like I have been talking to God from the moment I got here. But I have deeply missed the nourishment that comes with worshipping in a church community.

Many lovely things have unfolded over the last two weeks, but highlights include a lot more chanting, which is one of most favorite aspects of yoga generally and Jivamukti specifically, dharma talks from many of the students here, some very rich lectures on the sacred Yoga Sutra, from which I have learned enormously, and beach clean up day, which was this afternoon on the gorgeous beach right here at Blue Spirit. I am honored to be a part of it all.

The most exciting thing to happen, though, has been the arrival yesterday of our teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. This was, of course, the moment that so many of us have been waiting for and it was a real treat to be in their presence and have them join us for satsang. There is much I admire about these two Holy Beings, but perhaps what I admire most is how gracious they are, becoming a part of the group straight away by simply eating a late-afternoon meal in the dining hall where the rest of us have our meals, hours before being formally presented to the group. It was so touching to see the two of them eating quietly at a public table with friends, where many students swarm about and where they were sure to be disturbed. Of course, the moment of their formal introduction to us was quite special, too, and one cannot help but feel that one is in the presence of beings who are both incredibly evolved and yet very much grounded in this world.

How lovely it was.

Guru satyam, guru jnanam, guru anandam, guru shantih.


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